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When you require heating an entire home, it can be advantageous if you realize that it is not necessary to heat all areas of the home to the same extent. Living areas like drawing rooms and studies can be warmer, while areas like bedrooms and kitchens can be kept at lower temperatures. Kitchens have their own source of heat from the cooker and oven, but if you have tiled floors you may wish to install underfoor heating. This May require you to buy and install a whole new fitted kitchen uk, depedning on how your current kitchen is installed. Bedrooms are spaces where you remain all bundled up in bed, and do not really need high shirt sleeve temperatures. 

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Any whole house heating will be more economical if you can have two zones of temperature adjustment. Heating a home can be done by heating the air in a home or by heating the contents of the home, which includes the people in it. Heating the air in a home raises problems for condensation and adds to stuffiness. This is why it is better to look at means of heating the contents of a home. One of the most effective methods of heating the contents of a home is the one in which the floor is heated. Heating the ceiling can be almost as effective.

Heating the floor is a concept that has come down from ancient times, when many Roman and even Egyptian living spaces were heated by creating fires below floors that had cavities in them. Modern day floor heating uses electrical elements buried in the flooring, or hot water pipes to achieve the same effect. Most under floor heating is best installed during the construction of a home, when it becomes much easier to install hot water pipes in foundation slabs that have been insulated. The water running through the pipes can be heated in a central boiler or furnace that uses gas or furnace oil. Linking up such water heating to solar panels can help to raise the ambient temperature in the water and lead to greatly reduced costs of using gas or other fuel. A more modern variation of under floor heating comes from heating elements using electricity that are laid below floor tiles. This is a method that can even be installed in homes at a later date though it does involve ripping open the floor.

Ducted central heating is another method of achieving whole house heating. A central heating unit or a heat pump can be installed in non-living spaces like attics or basements. The air that is heated is blown through ducts that form a network in the entire home and achieve the purpose of warming up the home. The ducts can all be controlled by grilles that can be closed or opened, thus allowing the heat only into those rooms that need it. The central heating unit can also use stoves that burn natural products.